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Lauren Boebert for the President

With two years in Congress and no bills passed, 378,900 miles driven and reimbursed, and a 546 re-election vote margin under her belt, Lauren is now ready to fix the rest of the problems in the USA and everywhere else! 


Lauren Boebert - "Providing She-dership for the 18th Century!"

george santos loves matt gaetz and lauren boebert

01 Fact - Congress Fixed

Lauren single-handedly fixed everything in the U.S. House of Representatives.

02 Fact - Colorado Fixed

Lauren worked so hard she fixed everything in Colorado.

bobo the clown
Boebert is a clown

Fact 03 - Women Should Thank Her.

Lauren is so good at her job she was able to fix all of American women's issues by just making some calls. 

lauren boebert is a clown

Fact 04 - FAA "Notice to Air Missions" Programming

Lauren is so proud of her programming skills. She was  able to re-program FAA systems and get the NOTAM system up before Sec. Pete even woke up.  Duh.

NOW, that is she-dership.

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If you are very dense and don't realize it, we'll tell you now, this is a parody website. She isn't running for the President. But she still hasn't sued us either.

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